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Hey! My name is Mari, I am a Latin American singer-songwriter in the Los Angeles area. I have loved performing ever since I was able to walk or talk. There were was never a time in my life when I was not singing or making shows for my mom and dad to watch at night. 


As I grew older, I started to fall in love with creating and storytelling as well, and I believe that's where my passion for songwriting comes in. Instead of sharing any of the lyrics I scribbled on soggy napkins or ripped pieces of paper that I carried around in my backpack... I chose to create songs in silence. These songs carried me through the hardest milestones of my life. And I wasn't sure if that type of relationship with music was meant to be shared with the world.

 It wasn't till after a showcase that was I encouraged to not only share these lyrics but start creating with a wonderful team of engineers and producers to help tell my story.  

After an overwhelming response on social media and the release of my latest single "movin'", I realized that creating from the most authentic forms of myself and sharing life's battles has connected me with people in ways I could've never imagined. 

I feel so blessed and humbled to use this page to share the ups and downs of this beautiful journey with you.

- Mari

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